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Energy and Facility Management

Energy and Facility Management focuses on delivering holistic solutions to effectively and efficiently monitor and manage in real time energy and utilities consumption within a single or multiple dwelling units.

Inforica has partnered with a leading Energy Management organization who  has a proven track record in delivering comprehensive energy and environmental management solutions to large-scale, multi-facility North American organizations. Inforica  provides managed data services, analysis and solutions which help its many longstanding customers make informed business decisions to achieve improved risk management, lower costs and reduced environmental impact. Inforica working with its partner  has helped its customers across the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors reduce their energy costs by up to 20%, representing $10's of millions in tangible benefits

 Differentiator  Value Offered
Independent Objective in seeking best solution
Holistic Approach
One stop shop that delivers optimum value
Systematic Processes
Ensure clear policies and goals, proper prioritization of opportunities and a structured methodology to deliver value.
Enhanced Software and process Tools
Cost effective , timely and high value solutions
Proven Track record
Many long standing  notable customers across multiple sectors




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